Monday, January 24, 2011

My weekend trip to aunt's place

Nothing special about my weekends, I’m just repeating the same old duty every weekend! Lol. Went over to my aunt’s house to pay her a visit last Saturday with BbHus, BbSean, Mummylove & Daddylove. Aunt asked me about my plans of having a second baby. I’m like so shocked when she asked me about that issue. Hehehe. Actually, BbHus & I do have plans for a second baby. Currently, we are trying for a rabbit baby but we leave natural to its course. I don’t want BbHus & I to be too stressed up over this issue! Lol.

Bought four pairs of shoes for BbSean last week, he is having more shoes than his daddy now. So I can mix and match for him to wear when bringing him out! Can wait for him to start trying and learning to walk, I hope he can stop crawling and start learns how to walk after CNY! Lol.