Tuesday, January 25, 2011


5 more days, just 5 more days, I hope I won’t be seeing you again after those 5 days. I know I shouldn’t sound so mean but I really pray hard and hope that I won’t be seeing you again. You never know that your existence have caused a lot of trouble for everyone.  You never know that what you did or say is pissing us off. Everyone is trying their best to help you but you never ever appreciate what others have done for you, you are simply taking things for granted.

You are such a stubborn fellow, you don’t like people opposing you, you don’t like people questioning about your behavior, you don’t like people minding your business but you never know actually we are just concerned about you. You never try to put yourself in others shoes; in fact you don’t even try to understand that all that we are doing are for your own good. 

You are such a selfish fellow, you only think about yourself, you only cares about your own feeling but what about ours, have you gave a second thought about our feeling? I guess no, all you think about is you, you, yourself but no one else. You are the worst person that I have ever met, thanks god that you are finally leaving, all our suffering can finally come to an end. 

P/S: I really hope that you can wake up from that stupid idea, and stop being so stubborn and childish. grow up, Grow Up, GROW UP!