Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I love my little family of 3~

It has been quite some time ever since I update this little space of mine, I’m sorry, was rather busy recently. Well, we have successfully chosen the unit that both me and my BbHus like it very much. Probably will get our new house in 3-4 years time, simply can’t wait for that day to arrive. Hehehe. Regarding the occupants that will be moving in with us will only be Sean, my Darling Boy and no one else. BbHus and I have agreed that we shall live alone with our little family of 3(Daddy Tan, Mummy Tan and Baby Tan). I will not be staying with my in-laws as I don’t wish have conflict with them. So it’s always better to stay alone, with our little family will do. :>

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dream Comes True~

Yes, after a few failed attempts, we finally had gotten our queue number for BTO (SengKang), our new accommodation. Lol. Well, BbHus and I have been trying to apply for a new flat ever since last year. In total, we have tried applying for 5 times but every try is a failed attempt. The reason is because BbHus is still the existing owner of Bedok Reservoir flat, so our chances are slimmer. Count ourselves lucky this time round, to be selected out of 1000plus applicants. Lol. 

 At first, I can’t believe that we are being selected; I thought that BbHus is joking with me. But after he show me the confirmation e-mail then I realized, MY DREAMS COMES TRUE. Haha. Having a cozy home of our own is what I longed for and my dream finally comes true. Lol. Will be heading Housing Development Board to choose our unit, I’m so excited. We will be choosing a few units with BbHus this coming Saturday before heading there. In case the unit we want has been chosen at least we got back up few other units! Haha. Wish us good luck! Will be back with more updates, Stay Tunes!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A warm & cozy home is what I have been longing for~

I want a king size bed and walk in wardrobe for our master bed room, I want to turn and decorate Sean’s room into a mini playhouse for him to play, sleep and learn in it. I got so much ideas and plan in my mind now on how I want to decorate my own house in future. And yes, finally my dream comes true, I’m gonna have my own house in 3-4years times. Haha. Just receive the email few days back stating that BbHus & I gotten the queue number for SengKang BTO. At the point of time, I thought that I’m dreaming but after double confirming it with BbHus then I realized I’m not dreaming, IT’S TRUE. Haha.  

After a few failed attempts the previous time, I had already given up on it. Because from what I know is our chances of getting a new flat/unit is quite low, as currently BbHus still have a unit/flat on hands. But, we are lucky this time round. Haha. We managed to get a queue number for SengKang BTO and BbHus said that he is 100% sure that this time round we confirm will have a unit to stay in. Haha. 

Simply can’t wait for April to arrive, BbHus say we going to receive the floor plan and unit number catalogue next month for us to choose. Haha. I think BbHus is more excited than me, he spend hours looking at the map and floor plan of the flat and google about fengshui to see which block or unit is the best for us to stay. He is behaving like an old man! Haha. But I know he meant well too. Okay, that’s all for today! Goodbye~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lunch Treat~

I’m feeling so full! Had a sumptuous meal with my colleagues at Soup Restaurant this afternoon, a big thank you to Leonard Goh for footing the bills! Haha. Overall, the food there is quite nice, but I find some of the dishes are quite salty and oily (at my own preference). Lol. I’m simply love having lunch with the whole department because we always have endless jokes to crack and not forgetting teasing each other. Regardless of our ages, we just mingle and mix around well with the rest; we are just like a big family, so united and cooperative! That’s all for today, Goodbye~

Group Photo
First few dishes

Look at my boss's expression!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Broken Heart

“You’re such a control person and everything you decide for me.” said by BbHus during our argument yesterday. I nearly burst out of tears after hearing him saying that sentence to me, it’s so hurting. All that I have done for him all this while have been classified as ‘control’ & ‘decide for him’ to him. I never know I’m such a failure until yesterday, I never know that I’m such a lousy wife in his eyes. 

I never know that asking you to accompany me instead playing game is called controlled. I never know that asking you to turn in early instead of playing games is called making decision for you. I never know asking you to cut down on your intake of consuming red bull is called controlled. I never know that whatever I have done for you and it’s for your own good are called control and making decision for you. 

We have being together for 3 years, 3YEARS. I never know that all along I have been bringing you misery, causing a lot of troubles for you, making your life so tough and hard for you. I’m sorry, truly sorry. 

Anyway, Thanks for letting me know what type of person I am in your eyes, thanks for letting me know where I stand in your heart.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling rather low today~

TGIF! Thank god, it’s Friday! It’s had been a happening week for me this week, unhappiness and bad luck seem to falls on me. Sian. My brother-in-law will be out tomorrow but I don’t feel happy at all. I feel rather worried; I worry that problems and troubles will start knocking at my door which I hoped not. I just pray hard that he could change, change for a better of course. A simple and peaceful life is what I asked for but why god can’t just grant my wish, it’s just a simple wish.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sometimes I really wonder is this the kind of life I want to lead for the rest of my life? Seriously, I hate my life; I hate what I am now.