Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My pillar & tower of strength

My greatest satisfaction is to be by my Baobei’s side watching him grows up day by day, learning bit by bit every single day. He never fails to make my day with his smile. His smile is my energy, his kisses is my strength. I need him to be there for me whenever I’m feeling down, although he don’t seem to know or understand what I’m going through, but he knows how to give me a hug to comfort me or do silly acts to make me happy. Mummy love you so so much, my sonshine.

BbHus & I are not in good term these few days, have been quarrelling over small issues again & again. I don’t wish or like to quarrel with him; neither have I liked him to quarrel with me. But bickering is unavoidable. Sian. I just hope we can clarify things out and get back to normal again.