Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Marriage

Every woman yearns for a happy marriage, so do I. Having arguments & a tiff with husband is unavoidable as we have different thinking, personality and different character. I do quarrel with my hubby too, we do show each other black face & attitude, we do ignore and treat each other like transparent before. I mean is very normal for couples to quarrel and bicker, it’s also very normal for couples to patch back/make up after bickering.

I used to be very unreasonable, stubborn, petty & hot-tempered person. I don’t apologize even it’s my fault or wrong, I don’t give a damn to how he feels; I only care about what I feels. I used to have the thinking that even we divorced, I will still lead a good life on my own; I can bring BbSean up with my own hands and I can live better without him. But my thinking changed after BbSean is out.

I don’t want BbSean to grow up in a broken family, I don’t him to be tease by other people saying that he do not have a father. I don’t want to influence him with all my bad points; I don’t want him to blame me for not being able to give him a healthy & happy family. I want to give BbSean a healthy family, with loving parents. I want BbSean to have a happy childhood. So I’ve decided to change for him and changed for my hubby. I want my hubby to be happy too, i want and like to see him smile; I don’t want him to be upset or frown because of me.

So BbHus & I make it a point that we should not start a fight infront of BbSean, we should talk things out instead of ignoring each other. And we promised each other that we should not talk about divorce again. Because now, is no longer the two of us, is three of us. We should stand in BbSean’s shoes and think for him too.

Now, my relationship with BbHus is getting better & better, although we still bicker sometimes but we will be back to normal after 5 minutes. Lol. Fate brought us together and makes us love each other. I think we should treasure this affinity