Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can't stop munching

I’m munching & munching all day long. From 8:30am to 6pm, I’m munching all the way, be it snacks or tidbits, fried food or sweets. I just can’t stop myself from eating and munching. Even my boss commented about me munching all day long. Wahaha. Our conservation is stated below:
Boss : YanLing, why are you munching and eating all day long but you don’t seem to put on weight?
Me    : I don’t know boss, I just can't refrain myself from eating.
Boss : Why life is so unfair? You are always munching but you don’t seem to put on weight, but look at me I grow fat even I don’t eat.
Me    : Laugh out loud!

Isn’t my boss funny? Lol.