Thursday, December 2, 2010

On MC again

Was on MC yesterday again, due to gum infection and the affected area is spreading and it’s quite painful. At first I thought that it’s an ulcer so I didn’t really bother about it but the affected area is spreading and getting more painful. I’ve no choice but to seek my Daddylove for help, Daddylove take a glance of my wound and commented that it’s not an ulcer but gum infection. Daddylove suggested that I should consult a doctor so I went to visit my family doctor and I’m given 1 day MC and some medication for it. I felt so much better, as the pain subsided after taking the medicine prescribe by Dr. Grace. Thanks to BbHus & Mummylove for helping me to take care of BbSean so that I’m able nap in the afternoon peacefully without BbSean disturbing me. HeeHee.

BbSean is less cranky this few days, thanks god, I hope this will last. BbSean is behaving like a parrot now (better than being cranky), because he is copying or should I say learning the way we do things, e.g.: the way we laugh & smile, the way we talk, the way we drink and eat. He is learning bit by bit every day.

He is now behaving like the second YanLing (myself), he will copy the way I laugh, the way I smile, the way I comb my hair, the way I drink water from cup and the way I lay on my bed. Sometime I really can’t stand him, my god. Lol. BbHus told me not to reveal my bad habits in front of him, in case he copy/ learn all my bad habits. Wahaha. Then BbSean will really became YanLing number2, I think BbHus will go crazy if he has to handle 2 YanLings. Lol. Me, alone is giving BbHus headache already, can you imagine if he have to handle 2, my gosh, Lol.