Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Blues again

My life is getting way to boring and dull, every day & week is the same old routine. Weekdays need to wake up early for work, after work I need to go straight home to take over Mummylove’s shift and take care of BbSean myself. And most of the weekends BbHus need to work, so I have to spent my weekends at home and take care of BbSean all by myself. Sian. I think this is married life right, I got no choice but to accept the fact that my life is meant to be like that.

How I wish I could bring BbSean out every weekends to do some shopping together, but I can’t. Bringing BbSean out is so tedious for me; as BbSean is putting on weight rapidly I just simply cannot carry him for too long because my shoulders & arms will start to ache after some time. I admit that I’m just being lazy, but it’s really very tiring for me to bring him out alone, as I need to carry him, a diaper bag and a baby pram around without anyone helping me. Sometimes, I really have the urge to learn driving so that I can bring BbSean out more often, as driving my own vehicle is always better than taking MRT or buses.

Daddylove is getting more and more naggy recently, he will nag and nag for hours; I think he is worst than my Mummylove now. I really hate it, when he starts nagging at me. I know whatever he does or say is for my own good but come on I’m already 20 and a mother of one, I know what I’m doing. But no matter how he scold and nag at me, I won’t yell back or try to argue with him. After all, he is my dad and I respect him as my dad. I think no matter how old I am, I’m still a kid/child in his eyes, he just wants to protect me and teach me the correct ways of doing things. Thanks Daddylove, I know you still love me and I just wanna tell you I love you too. Lol.