Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My 1st Photoshoots

It’s so fun to be a model. Lol. Took a day on Tuesday to help my ex-boss (Christina) with her spa photoshoots, I think she need some new photos for her pamphlets and website if I’m not wrong. Lol. Thanks boss, for choosing me as your model, I really enjoy myself throughout the whole process. Although the photoshoots session lasted a couple of hours, but it’s really a fun and good experience for me. Wahaha.

I’m so happy to see my ex-colleagues again, I really misses them very much, especially Kris. My god, I misses her damn much, miss the way she comment about people, miss the way she crack a joke, miss the way she tease me and I miss the way she get angry. I just simply miss everything about her. Haha. We have a great time catching up with each other, talking about our kids, our husbands and not forgetting our in-laws. Lol.

I just can’t wait to see them again; I think I should drop by and pay them a visit real soon. Lol. I can’t wait to see my photos too, they told me that overall I looks great, and I did a great job but I didn’t get to see my photos yet. Hope they will post it up soon. Please stay tune and wait patiently for me to upload my photos alright. Thank you. HeeHee.