Monday, November 29, 2010

Enjoyable Family Outing

It’s my dearest Mummylove’s birthday yesterday, Happy Brithday to you Mummylove. Wish that you will stay happy & healthy always, I love you, Mummylove.

We have a sumptuous dinner together at Crystal Jade kitchen last night, so full and satisfied with the food. We order around six to seven dishes including: Claypot curry vegetable, sweet & sour pork, roasted duck, garlic scallops, mussels, apple pork ribs soup, fried egg yolk prawns. Lol. The waitress looks so shocked when we order so many dishes, keep on telling us how many dishes we had ordered. But BbHus don’t give a damn to the waitress, he just continue to order the food that we have chose. Lol. Overall, the food there is delicious, BbHus & Daddylove like the claypot curry veggie and they say it’s quite spicy and sour. A big thanks you to my dearest BbHus for footing the bills.

 Lol. After dinner, we went to Ikea for a walk, as I wanted to buy shelving for my room because I bought too many ornaments but no place to display it. Lol. So we bought two DIY (do it yourself) shelves, one dining table and one cactus plant from Ikea . By the way, the dining table belongs to my Mummylove, she likes the table from Ikea that is currently advertising on TV. The cactus plant belongs to my brother, I don’t know why he like cactus so much. Lol. But I have ruined his cactus plant, because I pile everything we bought from Ikea on top of the cactus plant. I’m so sorry, MK. I will get you a new one okay. :D

BbHus was so sweet yesterday, he promised to let me be the one designing, buying & choosing furniture for our new house. Lol. Hope that we will be lucky this time round to be chosen as this is the second time that we are participating in the flat balloting. I want to have my own house badly ): (To BbHus: You better don’t forget your promise okay, if not you will definitely get it from me. Heehee :D)

After the Ikea trip, we went home straight to unload those DIY shelving and table that we bought from Ikea and we headed off to Tampines mall again. We wanted to surprise Mummylove with birthday cake and also to get Capitaland mall’s vouchers for BbHus’s working team. As BbHus is having outing at Pasir Ris chalet today with his crews & managers, they are having game & lucky draw session. He is going to have fun tonight, leaving me & BbSean at home. Lol.

                                                                     BbSean & Me
                                                               MummyLove & Me
BbSean & Grandmom
                                                           Brother & Mummylove
                                                              Sister & Mummylove
                                                            BbSean & Grandpapa
                                                                   BbHus & Me
                                                                Baobei BbSean