Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas

Well, I had an awesome & enjoyable Christmas this year, what about you? Lol. I have spent my time wisely with my little family of 3. We had our dinner at Seoul garden, family neoprints & tutu train rides after that. It’s our (BbHus&I) first time taking neoprints with my lil cheeky boy. Although he don’t seems like he is happy or willing to take the photos with us, but I think BbSean had enjoyed himself too. I love spending my time with my lil cheeky boy & BbHus, they never failed to make my day!

During the daytime, I have attended a mini Christmas party organized by my company. I had so much fun, joy & laughter that day. We had buffet for lunch and lucky draw session after that, what a sumptuous meal! Lol. This is my first time spending & celebrating Christmas with my colleagues; I never know that it can be so fun! Lol. I simply love Christmas! :>

P/S: Its my dearest Daddylove’s birthday today! Happy Birthday to you, we will always love you!