Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family of 3

Mummylove was so busy yesterday, she needs to cook and make Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls) at the same time as it was Dong Zhi festival yesterday. Everyone will celebrate this special day by making and eating Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls) together, so do I. Lol. I took a day off yesterday to look after BbSean myself, as Mummylove is very busy with her stuffs.

Spent my whole afternoon at home, playing, bathing, feeding & napping with BbSean, I love spending time with him, because he never failed to make me laugh and smile. Lol. BbHus & I brought BbSean out for a walk yesterday. We went to Tampines mall to get some fingers food and headed to Tampines Interchage to look for KOI. Wahaha. The queue was very long, I think we spent around 20minutes queuing to place our orders and around 10-15 minutes waiting for our orders. Hehehe. I love their chocolate milk tea with full sugar level (I know its fattening but I don’t care) so sweet and chocolaty! Lol. BbHus likes chocolate milk tea too but I force him to order ice cream milk tea for himself yesterday. Because I want to try the taste of the drink but don’t want to oder for myself, I worried that I might not like the taste so I asked BbHus to order instead. I know I’m bad to bully my BbHus, But I know my BbHus don’t mind that I bully him, Love you, my dear. Hehehe.

I really enjoyed myself yesterday; I love my lil family of three!