Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looking forward to this coming Sunday

1 more day to Friday, 2 more days to weekends & 10 more days to Christmas, I’m so looking forward to weekends and Christmas. Will be attending a chalet wedding with BbHus this coming Sunday, its BbHus’ cousin’s wedding. Lol. BbHus & I have been attending a lot of wedding this year but this is the most special wedding that I have ever attend. I really like the idea of holding a wedding at a chalet; it’s a creative and new wedding concept. Lol.

They will be having a tea ceremony in the morning, so BbHus & I need to be there early. As BbHus is older than him, so both the groom and the bride have to serve tea to us and call my BbHus as 表哥, me as . My god, I’m only 20 this year but I’m already , sound so old right. Lol. What to do, BbHus is so much older than the groom. Hehehe. Will be bringing my lil boy along too, I think my lil boy has already forgotten his 姑姑&阿媽’s (Aunt & Granny) looks. Lol. It has been quite some time since I last visited my mother-in-law as I’m quite busy with my work & my lil baobei. I think this coming Sunday will be a good day for us to have a family gathering or reunion. Happy Happy :P