Monday, December 13, 2010

My Lil boy is teething

BbSean is TEETHING, like finally. Lol. His central incisor tooth is popping out to say hello. I’m so happy for him, all the pain and itchiness he is having all this while have finally come to an end (for the time being). Lol. I’m so glad that my BbSean has been a strong boy; he doesn’t have any symptoms such as low-grade fever, wakefulness or diarrhea throughout the whole process of teething. He is really my 乖儿子, I’m so fortunate to have him as my son.

Time files, one more month, just one more month to my cutiepie’s 1st brithday. BbHus & I have already planned to hold a mini birthday for him at my mum’s place. I’m so looking forward to that day, can’t wait to catch up with my best friends, my relatives and colleagues. Lol. 小乖乖, Daddy & Mummy love you.