Wednesday, December 8, 2010

080810 is over

No celebration, no surprise, no gifts. Nothing was done yesterday, as BbHus was very busy with his work and report, he got no extra time for any celebration or gifts selection for me. Sian. But I have to accept the fact that work should always come first, as he is the sole breadwinner of the family. Although I’m also working but I don’t contribute to the family as BbHus don’t allow me to do so. Lol. He always tells me that I should keep some money for myself. After all I’m a woman; I should keep some money for myself as 私房錢. Hehehe. Back to topic, although BbHus did not get any gifts or presents for me, but at least he remembers that yesterday is our Monthsary. I bought a box of chocolate for him as a gift and I think the present suits him perfectly because BbHus likes sweet stuffs. Lol. I love you, BbHus. I want to celebrate many many Monthsary & Anniversary with you :P