Thursday, December 9, 2010

I want a 2nd Baby

Took a train and a bus together with my BbHus this morning, you must be wondering why he don’t drive right? Lol. Because he is having a meeting at one of the building in Shenton way, and as you know the parking fee there is damn expensive, So BbHus have to drop the idea of driving there as the meeting is going to last a few hours. Lol.

I want a Babygirl, Lol, have been pestering BbHus about the issue of bringing our plans forward instead of having a second baby 2-3 years later. Actually, after giving birth to BbSean, I have drop the idea of conceiving again, because the contraction and healing part is a torture to me, but I’m willing to go through it again for the sake of my BbHus & BbSean. I want BbSean to have a sibling (be it a baby boy or girl) to talk and play with. Lol. Do you think I should conceive now? Lol.

Anyway, BbHus & I is trying to register and enroll BbSean for those 豆豆班classes or childcare that is located near to my mum’s place, easier for me or my mummylove to pick BbSean up from school. Although I know BbSean is too young for any classes or childcare but I’m left with no choice but to enroll him if I’m planning for a second baby. BbSean, Mummy love you, you will always be mummy’s lil baobei okay.