Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanks, BbHus

 Mummy’s birthday is approaching and I’m still wondering what to get for her as her birthday gift. At first, I suggested to buy a jade pendant necklace for her, as one of the jewellery shops is having promotion. But BbHus don’t agreed nor allow me to get/buy the jade pendant necklace from the jewellery shop as he worry the shop might be selling fake jewellery. Wahaha. Because my BbHus only trust those renowned jewellery shops like, Poh Heng, Lee Hwa, SK and etc. So he suggested that we should go to Poh Heng to get some gold accessories for mummy as gold is more worth money than jade. Lol.

So in the end, we went to Poh Heng to get our gift. me and BbHus have chosen a meaningful pendant for my mummy, the pendant is called ‘吉祥如意’ (means good luck). Hope she will like it. Lol. After getting mummy’s birthday present, BbHus suggested that we should for a massage, as BbHus and I are having body-ache and we seriously need a good massage badly. Wahaha. But I feel more worst after the body massage, because the massage was too painful, I can hardly sleep during the whole treatment. Oh my god, I never know that the 推拿 (tuina) massage is that painful until I’ve tried it. Lol.  I was told that I’m having blood circulation problem and my body was too tense up that’s why I can feel the pain throughout the whole treatment, so she recommended me to visit her weekly for a massage treatment to improve my blood circulation and to let my muscle relax.

So BbHus had heed the therapist's advice and signed up a package for me and himself, as he find the massage treatment is very relaxing for him and his therapist had exert the ‘just nice’ strength on him, that’s why he really enjoy himself and sleep throughout the whole treatment. But for me, it’s really torturing throughout the whole treatment, I don’t know how many times I’ve told my therapist to be gentle with me but she just continue with her way. I don’t how am I going to survive for the next 10 treatment, I hope I can ask for a different therapist the next time when I visit. Wahaha. But anyway, a big thanks you to my BbHus for signing up a package for me. I love you, hun.