Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm so looking forward to weekends

 I’m so busy with my BbSean and work lately, BbSean is getting crankier and workload is getting heavier. BbSean have been very cranky this few days, he refuse to finish up his milk and he refuse to sleep during the night time. Mummy and Daddy say might be the funeral going on at our void deck that make BbSean a little crankier than normal days, as baby/kid is very sensitive to funeral or coffin.  Hope things will get better for BbSean after the ceremony ends.

I’m getting more busy with my work lately, as I’m assisting my boss with some report and meeting minutes, phew, I’m so stressed up where time he need the report immediately but I’m just half way through. So I have to skip my breakfast and rushed the report for him. Lol.  I’m not grumbling, please don’t get me wrong. In fact, I’m enjoying myself, I enjoy working in a fast pace, as time really passes faster in this way. Lol.

Tomorrow will be the day that everyone is looking forward to, WEEKEND! Lol. I love weekends especially when BbHus is off for both Saturday & Sunday. Lol. Gonna spend my time wisely with BbHus & BbSean.