Monday, November 15, 2010

Congrats to Wahwah & Edward

Good morning everyone, how’s your weekends? I have an enjoyable and fun weekend. Wahaha. Spending my Saturday at home with BbSean, playing, laughing and watching tv together. I love/like spending time with BbSean, I really enjoy being a mum. Hahaha.

Went to Mandrin Oriental hotel to attend BbHus’ poly friend’s wedding last night, with BbSean tagging along. Wahaha. At first, BbHus don’t like idea of bringing BbSean along, but I insisted of bringing BbSean along so he is left with no choice but to agree with it. But it is a correct move to bring BbSean along, cos everyone will come crowding around our BbSean and keep on praising my BbSean saying that he look super cute, he got big round eyes that look like me, he look more like me and so on. Thanks to all that have commented that my BbSean looks like me, which makes me super duper happy bout that, cos rarely got people say BbSean looks like me. Lol.

The wedding was grand, the ballroom was very spacious and well-decorated and I like the idea of the theme, Sunflower. Wahaha. Wahwah (BbHus’ poly friend) & her hubby have been dating/together for more than 10 years and finally they make up their mind to settle down and start a family, I’m so happy for her. Wahaha. I really very envy her lehs, her hubby bought her a diamond ring (more than 1 carat I think) as propose ring for her. The ring looks really nice and elegant. Lol. Actually BbHus also bought diamond ring as propose ring for me. Wahaha. He brought me to Lee Hwa jewellery and ask me to choose the propose ring myself.  Isn’t my BbHus funny? Where got people bring their girlfriend to the jewellery shop and ask her to choose her propose ring herself de. Wahaha. But I really appreciated he did that, because his liking and mine is different, so is better for me to choose what I like. Wahaha.
Even our wedding bands too, I’m the one making the decision and choosing the design for it. Quote from BbHus: (As long as you are like the design and you are happy with it, I will be happy too.) Lol. I’m so glad that I have him as my hubby, thanks BbHus. Lol. Back to topic, after seeing her wearing the big diamond ring, I'm so envy about her diamond ring so I hinted BbHus on it.
Me       : Dear, our two year anniversary approaching hor? What you planning to get for me huh?
BbHus: Dunno lehs, what you want lehs? I get for you loh.
Me       : Wahwah’s propose ring very nice right, I think is more that 1carat lehs.
BbHus: You want the diamond ring too isit?
Me       : Yalor. Can I have one too? I think year- end sales is coming, you buy one and keep first next year  then give me okay?
BbHus: Okay loh, I go see first! If the ring is within my budget I buy for you okay, but if I buy for you , you must wear it okay?
Me      : Deal!

Wahaha. Because I’m quite a rough person, I worry that I might accidentally leave some scratches on my wedding bands and propose rings so I dun wear it unless we have special occasion that we need to attend then I will put it on. Lol. I think I must start wearing it, so if anything goes wrong with that ring, it give me an excuse to ask BbHus to get me a new diamond ring.