Saturday, November 6, 2010

My beloved is mine and I'm his

            Whenever I bring BbSean out for shopping or to market with mummy, he is always the center of attention. Wahaha. People will always crowd around him, saying that he is very cute and chubby and start playing with him. Lol. I’m so proud of BbSean, he is so popular among aunties, uncles, young kids and teenagers, Simply everyone. Lol. BbSean is really our 开心果, his arrival really brighten up our days, brought in a lot of joy and laughter into my family. Even mummy and sis also told me that they really can’t imagine days without BbSean’s existence. Haha.

             I’m so happy that things are getting better between me and BbHus. We are more willing to sort things out by talking nicely rather than ignoring each other. People always say couples will quarrel over kid’s issue, I think is quite true. As both of us have different thinking of how to come about educating and teaching our son, we tend to have small conflict. But I think most importantly, both of us must agree and understand that whatever comments we made or suggest are all for BbSean’s good. So we just have to come up with suggestion/decision which both side agree on. I remember one time I was so angry with BbHus that I reprimanded him, but something that he reply me really makes me regret for being so harsh toward him. His reply was “I’m still learning as this the first time becoming a daddy, I’m trying to be a nice daddy towards my son, becos I never has one. Please be patient my dear. I wanna give my son the best that I can give.” My tears keep flowing out when I hear him saying this to me. As from what I know BbHus was a very pitiful boy when he was young, his daddy used to beat BbHus up when he is drunk, and his daddy dun give him money to eat or buy things. BbHus has been all the hardship that no one can imagine of.

             From the day onward, I stop saying nasty things to him. As both of us are 1st time being parents, there are still a lot of things we need to learn. No one is born perfect, we should not blame each other when thing goes wrong, we should encourage, support and be there for each other. BbHus, I believe we will be great parents someday. I love you.