Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Deepavali

Phew. Finally, BbSean is asleep now. Lol. BbSean is getting more sticky and naughty now, sometime I can’t stand him. Wahaha. Brought BbSean to a barber for a haircut this morning, as BbSean sweat a lot and long hair makes him uncomfortable. But BbSean hates to trim his hair, he will keep on fidgeting, cry and scream at the top of his voice while the barber is cutting his hair; even the barber also cannot stand him and commented that BbSean is a fierce boy. Wahaha. What a naughty boy right.
Out of sudden, feel like eating durians, so I drop BbHus a msg telling him that I feel like eating durians. And guess what BbHus did? He drive around the whole Tampines area just to get me durians, but in the end I still didn’t get the chance to eat durians becos no one is selling durians at the moment. Guess the durians season is over right. Never mind, shall have it next time then. Lol. Thanks BbHus for making the trip to look for durians for me, Appreciated!!