Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monthsary, BbHus

Happy 27th Monthsary to my beloved BbHus. Times really flies, we have been together have been together for 2years & 3 months le. Do you still remember how we come about knowing each other and start dating? Hope you do, my dear.

BbHus, I will always be there to share the happiness and woe together with you, and spend the rest of my life loving you. Will you do the same too?

I really don’t know what to get for BbHus this time round. Lol. Wallet? Polo T-shirt? Formal shirt? Belt? Shoes? Pants? New Handphone? Rings? Perfume? Lol. BbHus have all of the above that I have mentioned. So in the end, I bought him a Pierre Cardin keypouch for his car keys. Hope he will like it. Hmm. What will BbHus buy for me? An iPhone 4? Lol. Hope so ya, I have been pestering and hinting him a couple of time. Hope he will really get the phone for me.