Friday, November 12, 2010

Mummy love you, BbSean

Woohoo, its Friday. Haha. Went to BHG yesterday during lunch time to hunt for milk bottles for my BbSean, as the current milk bottle he have been using it for 3-4 months already; I think is time to get him a new and clean milk bottle. Wahaha. I think BHG is having sales for NUK milk bottles, so I bought 3 at one go. Lol. After paying for the milk bottles, I went over to the toy apartment to look for toys for BbSean. I spent around 20mins at the toys department, choosing and playing with the toys. Wahaha. Don’t know am I choosing the toys for myself or my son, but dun get me wrong. I’m just trying and testing to see whether is the toy suitable for BbSean to play. Lol.

And finally, I came across this super colorful and cute scooter + walker. Oh my, I really like it a lot and I’m sure BbSean will like it. So in the end, I bought the scooter + walker too. Kekez. After buying the scooter then I remember that BbHus won’t be picking me up after work, as he was having gathering with his managers. Lol. Then end up I have to carry the scooter all the way from BHG back to office then from office back home. It’s so tiring..