Thursday, November 11, 2010

Massage, Massage, I love Massage

One day to Friday. Wahaha. So happy that weekend is approaching, can’t wait to spend my weekends with BbSean. Went for a massage yesterday with BbHus, feels so shiok after the massage, although some parts she (the therapist) might exert too much strength till I nearly cried out in pain but overall the massage is quite relaxing. Hmm, I rate it 8/10. Wahaha. After the massage, I’m craving for KFC so BbHus and I have KFC for our dinner.

Oh my god. I think we have overspent for this month, have to save money from today onwards, as Mummy’s and friends’ birthday are approaching. Wahaha. Planning to buy a gold braclet or necklance with jade pendant for mummy’s birthday, BbHus suggest that we can/should celebrate her birthday at crystal jade restaurant. Haha. What a good suggestion, as mummy is Cantonese, she surely will enjoy and like the food there.

BbSean’s 1yr old birthday is approaching too, I’m thinking of holding two birthday parties at two different places for him. Lol. But before making any decision, I have to start save save save money first :p