Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mummy, It's over

3 days MC has finally come to an end, but I’m still in holiday mood. Woohoo, I think I have to chase away my holiday mood and start concentrating on my work.  Was given 3 days MC is because I went to extract my second molar & second premolar teeth on Monday and my dentist said most likely I will have swollen face and gums for the next few days, so I’m given three days MC at one go. Lol.Have spent my long holidays wisely with BbHus, BbSean & mummylove, I love spending my free time with them. Lol. We went for a body massage on Saturday with mummylove, she seem to enjoy herself very much throughout the whole session, I’m so glad about that. I think it’s time for me to pamper my mummylove with massage treatment, retail therapy & whatever stuffs she asked for. Mummylove has spent all her youth, effort & time on me, I think it’s time for me to repay her back since I’ve already start working and grown up. Mummylove, It’s my turn to pamper you with my love, time & money. Lol.
Went for a retail therapy on Sunday as BbHus bought me a new iPhone 4, Thank a lot my dear hun. You are the best hubby on earth. Wahaha. Make a trip to Tampines & Bedok to get a new screen-protector and a hello kitty casing for my new iPhone 4, super love/like the casing and phone that BbHus bought for me. Wahaha. Now I have the same phone as my BbHus. Happy happy:P

Visited my dentist with mummylove on Monday as both of us need to get rid of our problematic teeth together, so daddy and BbHus took off together to accompany us. Wahaha. They treated us like princess & queen, they did all the house chores and look after BbSean for us. Lol. I’m really treated like a princess, all I do is to sleep and eat and sleep again. Lol. Shiok lehs. Can order my BbHus around and asked him to do things for me. BbHus is super nice lehs, he did not grumble or scold me on that. Wahaha. He just said that I’m behaving worst than that time when I’m pregnant that’s all. Wahaha.

A big thanks you to my beloved BbHus for being extra patient and sweet towards me this few days, you are the nicest man on earth, I love you, Hun.