Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mummy(L)

Are you excited about your weekends just like me? Weekends = FAMILY GATHERING/BONDING TIME.  Lol.  We will be making a trip to grandmum’s house in Malaysia to pay her a visit with BbSean, Mummylove & siblings; as Daddylove need to work so he won’t be joining us. I’m so looking forward to spend my entire Saturday with my amiable grandmum. Lol. I miss her nagging at me, miss her cooking, miss her smile and simply miss every single thing about her. Wahaha. But I guess she dun miss me that much compare to my BbSean, as BbSean is her first great grandson I think she definitely will miss him more than me. Lol.  BbHus will be driving us there, so have to let BbHus turn in early tonight. Lol.

Coming Sunday is my Mummylove’s birthday; BbHus & I have decided to bring mummy out for a shopping spree and most likely we will be having our dinner at Crystal Jade restaurant/kitchen, all the expenses that I mention above will be fully sponsored by my beloved BbHus. Lol. Thank you, BbHus.

Lastly, I would like to wish my dearest Mummylove a happy birthday; hope that you will stay happy & healthy always. I love you, Mummylove.