Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Family bond

 Went for a walk last night with BbHus and BbSean, BbSean was so excited when I carry him out of the house. BbSean is getting more haolian (proud) le, when he knows he is going out, he doesn’t want to wave byebye to his Grandpapa and grandmama.  He will just look away and point to the lift. Wahaha. My parents really can’t stand him and guess what his grandpapa said? Grandpapa said: “Wa, you now haolian liao lo, go out don’t want to wave byebye to me, then when you are home, no one want to carry you then you will come looking for me. I don’t want friend you liao” Lol. My daddy is so cute right, isn’t he?

Actually, daddy really dotes and loves BbSean a lot. Daddy will called home every afternoon during his lunch break, to ask about BbSean and have a chat with him. Wahaha. Daddy will play and carry BbSean and walk around the house. Lol. Daddy is best at making funny face to make BbSean smile, make weird noise to attract BbSean’s attention. And in return, BbSean will do funny face and funny action that let daddy laugh like crazy. Lol. I think BbSean makes my daddy happier than I do. Wahaha. Good job, son.