Sunday, November 28, 2010

Malaysia Trip

Drove to Grandmum’s house last Saturday to pay her a visit with BBSean, BbHus, Mummylove & Siblings. We have a lot fun & laughter with Grandmum, she is so adorable and funny and she likes to crack jokes that make us laugh non-stop. Lol. Spent most my time chatting with her, she’s indeed a good advisor but giving me good advice and teaching. Wahaha. Went for a shopping spree together with her and the rest, woohoo, I simply love shopping. But end up didn’t buy anything for myself; most of the stuffs I bought is for my Baobei Sean & Baobei Hubby. I’m behaving like a good wife right? Lol. Bought BbSean a Doremon tricycle, swimming float (wanted to bring him out for a swim at wild wild wet) a pair of Nike shoes, a Nike bottle & last but not least a pair of Garfield sandals from Mummylove (thank you, Mummylove). Wahaha.  BbSean love/likes the Doremon tricycle damn much, keep making noise in the car while on our way back to Singapore, he just can’t wait to play with his favourite character. Like father like son, BbHus likes Doremon a lot too. Lol.

We had our dinner at MeiJing restaurant, our usual dining place. Uncle is the one that bring us there and he is also the one that foot the bills. Thank, uncle. Lol. Uncle is a very generous man, he order a lot of dishes despite only the few of us eating. He order shark’s fin, sweet & sour pork, roasted duck, yam tofu, dong po meat, fried sotong, luo han zai (so called mixed veggie), Claypot braised tofu & Cereal prawn. Yummy yummy. Lol. Thanks uncle, always have to let you foot the bills.

BbSean's Doremon tricycle
BbSean's Nike bottle
BbSean's Nike shoes
BbSean's Grafield sandals (Frm Mummylove)

BbSean's swimming float