Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fuck off, Bitch

Damn it, my mood was ruined by a bitch early in the morning. The fucking asshole walks towards me and tell me that my music is too loud and no one is interested to listen what I’m playing. And guess what, she scold me rude. Damn it. I’m not happy when she says no one is interested to listen what songs I’m playing in a very impolite tone already, then she still continue to say that I’m rude. This bitch has pissed me off. So I ignore her and continue to play my songs, guess what I did, I even increase the volume to the max.  I think I also pissed that bitch off by not listening to her. I’m so unlucky to alight at the stop as her, she was beside me holding her phone high up, I dunno did she took my photos but I took her back view. Becos she walks damn fast like rushing to some place or she worry I will catch up her and start a fight with her.  Seriously, I’m damn pissed off with this bitch, if I’m not in my office wear. I think I gonna scold her back. Bitch, count yourself lucky that I’m in my office wear, If I’m in home clothes, you definitely will get it from me.

May god bless you grow fatter and die of heart attack.