Thursday, November 4, 2010

Poor BbHus

BbHus wasn’t feeling well yesterday, he is having headache and body-ache. I think I have passed my virus to him. Poor BbHus, he can’t even have a good rest yesterday, becos his wife fall asleep while playing with BbSean. BbHus is left with no choice but to take over BbSean and put him to bed. I’m so sorry BbHus, I’m too tired. Muack. 

But BbHus is damn bad, he record down the snoring noise made by me last night  and play it infront of mummy and say this is the latest lullaby for BbSean, Lol. I'm like so stunned when mummy told me about that. Playful BbHus, he's gonna get scolding frm me tonight. Wahaha. *Angry*

Tracybabe is going to deliver bbIan by caesarean today, hope she and bbIan will be safe and sound. can’t wait to see bbIan. I’m so happy for her.