Monday, March 21, 2011

Broken Heart

“You’re such a control person and everything you decide for me.” said by BbHus during our argument yesterday. I nearly burst out of tears after hearing him saying that sentence to me, it’s so hurting. All that I have done for him all this while have been classified as ‘control’ & ‘decide for him’ to him. I never know I’m such a failure until yesterday, I never know that I’m such a lousy wife in his eyes. 

I never know that asking you to accompany me instead playing game is called controlled. I never know that asking you to turn in early instead of playing games is called making decision for you. I never know asking you to cut down on your intake of consuming red bull is called controlled. I never know that whatever I have done for you and it’s for your own good are called control and making decision for you. 

We have being together for 3 years, 3YEARS. I never know that all along I have been bringing you misery, causing a lot of troubles for you, making your life so tough and hard for you. I’m sorry, truly sorry. 

Anyway, Thanks for letting me know what type of person I am in your eyes, thanks for letting me know where I stand in your heart.