Monday, April 11, 2011

Dream Comes True~

Yes, after a few failed attempts, we finally had gotten our queue number for BTO (SengKang), our new accommodation. Lol. Well, BbHus and I have been trying to apply for a new flat ever since last year. In total, we have tried applying for 5 times but every try is a failed attempt. The reason is because BbHus is still the existing owner of Bedok Reservoir flat, so our chances are slimmer. Count ourselves lucky this time round, to be selected out of 1000plus applicants. Lol. 

 At first, I can’t believe that we are being selected; I thought that BbHus is joking with me. But after he show me the confirmation e-mail then I realized, MY DREAMS COMES TRUE. Haha. Having a cozy home of our own is what I longed for and my dream finally comes true. Lol. Will be heading Housing Development Board to choose our unit, I’m so excited. We will be choosing a few units with BbHus this coming Saturday before heading there. In case the unit we want has been chosen at least we got back up few other units! Haha. Wish us good luck! Will be back with more updates, Stay Tunes!