Sunday, February 20, 2011

To my beloved Son

I was crying so badly last night when I’m hugging my BbSean. I miss him so much even he is just right beside me, can you imagine how deep/much I love him?

I feel so apologetic towards BbSean for not spending quantity and quality time with him. I really hope that I can spend more time with him, be there for him whenever he needs me but I know I can’t do that for now. I need to work; I need to save money as I want to give my son a better tomorrow. I hope my son will understand that all that I’m doing now is all for him, I just want to let him know that I love him. 

To my beloved Son,
I love the way you give me a peck on my cheeks every morning whenever I asked you to kiss me, I love the way you smile whenever I want to take a picture of you, I love the way you lays on my chest to sleep every night, I love the way you hold my hand and look at me every time you need attention. I love simply love every single thing about you.
I’m may not be the best mummy on earth but I really trying my best to be one, may not be the perfect one but at least an acceptable one. I may be strict at times, restrict you from doing and eating a lot of things, because mummy cares and worry about your health and I want you to keep and have good habit from young. I know Mummy have not being spending quantity time with you, but Mummy is trying my best to spend quality time with you. I love you, son.