Sunday, December 19, 2010

Long time no see

Ian is simply adorable! Tracybabe & her Lil Ian drop by to pay me a visit yesterday. Lil Ian looks exactly like his mum, just like a photo copy version of Tracybabe. Lol. Even Mummylove say so too. So busy chatting with Tracybabe that I have forgotten to take photos with BbIan. Lol.

BbSean is so happy to see BbIan too, but BbSean was startled when he saw BbIan move and cry for milk, because this is the first time BbSean came across a newborn baby. Lol. BbSean seem to like BbIan very much, he keep staring and pointing at BbIan, so Mummylove asked BbSean whether he want a didi too (lil brother) then guess what is BbSean’s reaction? Lol. The answer is, he nodded his head! Lol. He nodded his head when Mummylove asked whether he want a didi too. He seems like he understands what Mummylove is talking about. Hehehe. Isn’t my lil botak boy adorable too? I love my lil botak boy. Xoxo.