Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Went to BHG during lunch hrs to get NUK anti-colic teat and a new pair of pyjames for BbSean . He has been using the old teat for quite sometime already, its time to get him a new one. Lol. Mummy always think that its a waste of money for getting BbSean new milk bottle's teat and pacifier every 3 months. But me and BbHus dun think this way, we want to give our BbSean the best as long as we can afford it. Getting BbSean a good nipples and pacifier is extremely IMPORTANT, as I want BbSean to have a nice lips shape. Wahaha. Mummy gonna tell me off later for buying clothes for BbSean again. Lol. After getting BbSean's necessity, head off to Mcdonald for lunch, my colleague is so into the current promotion, monopoly game. She has been eating mac for the past few days. Good luck to you, my girl.