Monday, October 25, 2010

blessed little woman

I'm so contented with what I have now, a happy and loving family of 3. Wahaha. Firstly, I would like to talk about my BbHus. BbHus is such a wonderful and doting man, he is patient, loving and sweet, simply a perfect man in my eyes. He is really is a good husband to me and a good daddy to my son. Remember the times when we are still dating, BbHus is super duper sweet; he will get me chocolates for me whenever I'm angry with him. He will fetch me to and fro from school with his bike. I miss the time where we used to travel around on bike, so sweet. Now, BbHus stop getting me chocolates as I told him not to waste money, as we have one more family member to support now. Lol. But BbHus still will get me bouquet of flowers occasionally to surprise me. Aww. So sweet right.

BbHus is really a nice guy; he is willing to move in with me to stay with my family. Actually, we do have a flat to stay in, but I'm not used to the place and environment, I dun feels comfortable staying there. So I told BbHus about that, BbHus actually agreed with my suggestion of moving in to stay with my parents. BbHus really sacrifice alot for me; he will do anything/everything for me as long as I'm happy. BbHus dote me a lot too, during my preggy period, due to hormones changes; he will give in to me and bear with my nonsense. He never failed to accompany me to my monthly routine check-up, he is there for me, encouraging and supporting me during the time when I'm delivering BbSean. BbHus also get/buy me gifts as a reward for me to thank me for going through all the pain just to deliver my son. I really appreciate what you did for me, I you BbHus.

Lastly, will be my BbSean, he is my flesh, my blood, my one & only son. BbSean has been a good boy ever since I'm carrying him, he dun give me much trouble, neither backache nor leg cramps. Even when BbSean is out, he is still my good boy. His arrival really brighten up my days, he brings lot of joy and laughter into my family. He's the bond that keeps me and BbHus close. BbSean make my life perfect with his existence, he will smile with me when I'm happy, and he will make me smile when I'm sad. He is my rock. BbSean please stay healthy and happy for me alright, mummy need you and  you.

I don't need to be wealthy, live in big houses or own big cars. I just need BbHus and BbSean to be by my side. It will do.

Thanks god for giving me a healthy, handsome son, and a remarkable, good-natured BbHus. I my Family.