Monday, November 1, 2010

My Beloved is mine and I'm his

Hello, Singapore! I'm back!! Anyone misses me? Wahaha. I miss everyone in singapore, especially my sweetypie, BbSean. Thats why when I'm back, I kiss him all over his face. Lol. Bought alot of gifts/ souvenirs from Hongkong for my family, colleagues and friends and not forgetting my sweetypie. Haha.We went there with 2 small handcarry bags but back with 2 big luggages and the 2 handcarry bags that we brought over. And you know what, the 2 big luggage only contain gifts/souvenirs and nothing else. Can you imagine how much we spent there? Money is not a issue, as long as we enjoy ourselves(quote from BbHus). And I strongly agree with BbHus. Wahaha.

We went to Ladies market on the first day, Disneyland on the second day, Lantau Island, temple street and Victoria Habour on the third day and last but not least The Peak, Madame Tussands wax museum and 黃大仙 on the fourth day. We almost visited most of the popular places in Hongkong. Really enjoy the time spent together with BbHus, this blockhead of mine really makes my day. I can’t imagine how I am going to live without him by my side. Lol. We spent most of the evening soaking and chatting inside the bathtub together, sooo sweet. I gonna get a bathtub for my bathtroom when I get my new apartment. Wahaha. BbHus agree on that too.

Just some random photos taken. Wanna see more? (View my facebook)
Taken on Plane
                                                                         Hotel Room

                                                                       Nu ren street

                                                                         Disney train

                                                                   BbHus with Twins