Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feel so guilty sometimes, for being so obstinate and petty. I will throw temper and ignore my BbHus when I'm angry, sometime even its my fault I will also get pissed off and ignore my BbHus. But BbHus dun throw his temper at me even its my fault, he dun scold me, he wont even get pissed off with me. He will stay calm and patience and even apologise when its not his fault. His actions make me feel like I'm an unreasonable wife. Did I do alot of good deeds in my previous life thats why I'm able to have him as my BbHus for this? I have been asking myself this question a couple of times. BbHus have been a good boyfriend to me while we are dating and now he is still a good hubby to me even we are married. Am I a bit overboard for treating him this way? I think I am. BbHus is a sweet guy. He will get me whatever I want and try ways to make me happy. BbHus will ferry me to and fro from work even he is tired after work. Sometime I feel bad for treating him this way and I will ask BbHus will he regret marrying me? His answer is no, if he given one more chance to choose again, he will still choose me as his wife. I think its time for me to kick away my bad habit and temper and stop making BbHus sad and xinku le.

BbHus, I will change for you, I will be more understanding and will not throw temper at you again. I you.